Finn Family Fieldwork

Our travels on the Malabar Coast and lovely Kerala

Scenes from the Narayana Gurukula in Ooty. The swamis made us feel completely at home as they went about their busy days…Above Tanmaya sprays the veggies.

Our host Vyasa would take us out on field trips everyday around the Nilgiris in his Vyasa-mobile—a tough vehicle and a deft touch at the wheel.

A brahmacarin at the gurukula, Bijju, at work in the kitchen. The best cook for miles around.

This is the corrugated tin hut where Nataraja Guru lived for a decade or more in the early days. Eventually a Scotsman became his first disciple, and so the gurukula was born.

These devotees came up from sweaty Kerala on an 8 hour bus ride to visit the place. They stayed one night and returned the next morning.

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